Our Story


Somos21 launched in Sydney in March 2015 as Somos21 Sydney, with a team of 5 young professionals from varied professions and backgrounds, all with one shared vision: to drive greater engagement between Australia and Latin America.

Gabrielle Hall Mariangel LEZAMA Nicolas Pulecio Elizabeth Rozas

Kate Bennett

Sustainable Development |

Gabrielle Hall

International Trade |

Mariangel Lezama

International Marketing |

Nicolas Pulecio

Strategic Marketing |

Elizabeth Rozas

Strategic Communications |
Australia, Chile

Recognising that the impact we wanted to achieve would require a broader presence across Australia and Latin America, we started developing new chapters across capital cities in Australia in 2015 and in Latin America from 2016.

Founding Directors

We formerly established ourselves as a Company Limited by Guarantee in May 2016, and in accordance with our Constitution we nominated three formal directors to oversee the operations of our various chapters. 

Andres Arroyo Monica Arce Garcia

Kate Bennett

Sustainable Development |

Andres Arroyo

Contracts & Procurement |

Monica Arce Garcia

Branding & Strategy |
Australia, El Salvador 

Advisory Board

Recognising the need for high-level strategic advisory and guidance, we were fortunate to gain the support of the following advisors who provided a wealth of knowledge about the Australia Latin America relations landscape across various sectors.

Adrienne Bonwick Flavia C. Ribeiro De Souza Rob Grant Tim Handley

Adrienne Bonwick

International Trade |

Flavia de Souza

Legal Advisory |
Australia, Brazil

Rob Grant

Energy, Infrastructure |
Australia, Brazil, Chile

Tim Handley

Digital Commerce |
Australia, Mexico, Brazi

Jasmine Sliger MAPS, IACCP, FAIM, CAHRI, MAICD Dan Sullivan Anna Trahair

Jasmine Sliger

Leadership and Culture |
Australia, Colombia

Dan Sullivan

International Trade |
Australia, Peru, Chile

Anna Trahair

International Development |

Leadership Teams ("Somos21 Champions")

Somos21 would not be what it is today without the energy, passion and drive of our young professional leadership teams across our various Chapters and Committees. The enthusiasm and motivation of every one of our team members to foster greater relations and opportunities between Australia and Latin America is truly inspirational. 

There are far too many gorgeous faces to fit them all in here, but they are all identified within the platform as Somos21 Champions so you can find them easily in the Directory. 

There are always many projects and activities to get involved with, so if you're passionate about driving greater engagement and positive relations between Australia and Latin America, then reach out and see how you can become a Somos21 Champion. 


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