Everything has just become incredibly real! :-D

We've just gained access to the back end of our Australia Latin America Connection and Collaboration platform and have started configuring all the generic functionality that we need to ensure the platform is responding to the respective needs of the diverse stakeholders in the Australia Latin America Landscape. 

We will be systematically releasing access to the platform to our Chapter Leadership teams over the coming week to get their input and ensure they are up to speed with the platform's functionality. 

As soon as the phenomenal team from UQ Business School have finalised their stakeholder engagement and survey process, the findings will be fed into the final configuration of the platform to ensure it is responding to as many stakeholder needs as possible when we launch beta-testing in a few weeks. 

This is an incredibly tight timeline - and we are pulling out all stops to ensure this platform is good to go for soft launch in October and offical public launch in January 2019!!

Fun times ahead!!

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