The Australian Bolivian Association (ABA) - a new Ally of Somos21

Somos21 and the Australian Bolivian Association (ABA) entered into an alliance to strengthen Australia’s professional ties Bolivia.

The President and Co-Founder of the organisation, Brenda Vargas-Murillo, said that the purpose is to continue building a “solid community network” together. ABA’s efforts are focused on linking Australia and Bolivia. 

“It’s great to see new associations between Latin-American countries and Australia are being formed. Alliances like this one between ABA and Somos21 help to increase and enhance the connection of our two regions. Somos21 looks forward to working with ABA to fulfil this purpose,” Juan Suárez, Somos21 Global Board member, said.

As a young organisation, ABA has developed a strong connection with the Australian-Bolivian community through a bilingual online community magazine and through the work of talented photographers who donated their photos for their 2021 calendar.

ABA ran a Covid-19 Relief Campaign in 2020 to help aid healthcare workers across Bolivia. The funds raised allowed ABA to purchase and donate personal protective equipment, oxygen devices, prone position mattresses to 9 hospitals, plus medication and personal protective equipment to an indigenous community and a nursing home.

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