High demand career/jobs in Australia - Migration Paths Webinar

Apr 28, 2021


Somos21 is excited to announce its upcoming Migration Paths Webinar, informing those interested in settling permanently in Australia what careers and jobs are in high demand and what visa options are available. 


The event will be co hosted by Jasmine Sliger, Somos21 Global Board Chair and Shannon Semenikow, Founder and CEO at Education and Migration Services Australia and will take place at 7pm AEST on May 11th. 


Shannon’s wealth of experience and knowledge are set to shed light on some of the visa options that are available, how to access them and what Education and Migration Services Australia can do to help. Some of the visas covered include:

  • Skilled migration
  • Permanent business sponsorship
  • Temporary business sponsorship
  • Regional sponsored migration
  • Partner visas
  • Trainee visas


By also providing information on high demand jobs in Australia, this webinar will assist those interested in settling in Australia in making informed decisions and better prepare them for the visa processes ahead. 


There will be 15 minutes left for Q&A at the end of the 30 minute discussion, so have your questions ready and be sure to contact Somos21 at info@somos21.org for further assistance if needed. 

Register to attend HERE
We look forward to speaking with you there !

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