Somos21 Platform Re-Launch - Q&A with Oliver Houlcroft

Apr 27, 2021


Brenda Vargas-Murillo, President of the Australian Bolivian Association, the newest Somos21 strategic partner, engaged in a brief Q&A with Somos21 CEO, Oliver Houlcroft this week ahead of the much-anticipated relaunch of the Somos21 Australia-Latin America Connectivity and Collaboration Platform, on May 4th, 2021. 


Brenda: So, tell me Oliver, what is the Somos21 Australia Latin America Collaborative Platform?


Oliver: Somos21’s platform is an online network/community designed to facilitate global opportunities for students, early career professionals and career changers who share a background or interest in Latin American and Australia. The platform encourages these individuals to connect with fellow members, develop professional ties, build their networks, and create opportunities. 


Brenda: How did the platform initially get developed?


Oliver: The Council on Australia Latin America Relations (COALAR) awarded funding to 15 projects in 2018-19 that would enhance the economic, political, and social ties between Australia and Latin America. Somos21 was successful and was subsequently awarded funding for its Australia-Latin America Connectivity and Collaboration Platform. This grant is indicative of Somos21’s contribution to enhancing the Australia Latin America relationship.


Brenda: Why should individuals join the platform?


Oliver: The platform drives connection and engagement between the two regions to deliver positive personal, professional, and social impact. Some specific benefits that should encourage individual joining the platform include: 

  • Special access to Somos21 events (i.e., immigration and visa support)
  • Networking opportunities
  • Information sharing in interest groups that matter to you (education and training, entrepreneurship etc.)
  • Grow your personal and professional network 

Additionally, given the economic effects of Covid19, we have shifted to a free membership model, and plan to keep this in place for the time being, for our community. 


Brenda: Who is in the Somos21 community?


Oliver: Somos21 is made up of students, graduates, early professionals, entrepreneurs, companies, and institutions who have an interest in the relationships between Australia and Latin America. Australia and Latin America are more connected socially, economically, and culturally than ever before, and our platform reflects this shift. As such, the individuals within our diverse community are tightly integrated. 


Brenda: Any final comments?


Oliver: We look forward to new members, from both Australia and Latin America, joining the Somos21 family. In 2021, both the development and activation of the platform functions will become a focal point. There will be a focus on responsiveness to the needs of our community so that we can continue to grow across both regions, allowing us to meet our organisation's objectives.

On behalf of the Somos21 community, we look forward to connecting with you shortly.


To create a profile and join the Somos21 community, please click on the following link:


The Australian Bolivian Association Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation committed to strengthening ties between Australia and Bolivia through professional, educational, philanthropic and cultural endeavours. For more information, reach out today -

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