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With a newly formed marketing/communications team, Somos21 has decided to reinstate our regular newsletter to keep our community up-to-date with Somos21 activities, projects, and events, and provide relevant and interesting news regarding Australia and Latin America.


What’s been happening…


In 2020, there were significant changes that affected all of us within the Somos21 community, including international travel, social interactions, the education sector and international business.


Thanks to our incredible community network and the efforts of our volunteer team, Somos21 supported 1,037 Latin American students in Australia with a whopping AUD$52,437 worth of grocery vouchers via our Pandemic Relief for International Students campaign. We also provided a series of online webinars to support mental health in isolation and to enhance employment opportunities with a resume and interview Masterclass series.


Now in 2021, Somos21 is committed to emerge even stronger with our new digital platform, strengthening our volunteer teams, reinforcing our commitment to social impact and supporting our community in Australia and Latin America.


Oliver Houlcroft

CEO | Global Board Director



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Somos21 and Deakin University’s 2021 Webinar Series Begins!


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Full powerpoint available HERE 


On March 17, Somos21 and its pioneer partner Deakin University ran their first webinar covering all aspects of the organisations’ strategic partnership as well as providing information on Deakin study opportunities, international scholarships and exclusive discounts on university programs for Latin American students.
Aligning the network for the first time with a renowned educational institution has allowed Somos21 to manifest a more robust relationship with the Latin American student community in Australia, reinforcing their commitment to support these students in their ventures in international education. 


The event was hosted by Somos21 Global Board Chair, Jasmine Sliger alongside Deakin University’s Regional Director for Latin America, Gonzalo Pérez and Deakin University Account Manager, Rebeca Ortiz. Some of the main takeaway points from the discussion included: 

  • Gonzalo Pérez highlighted the range and flexibility of Deakin’s international scholarships and programs, with the Latin American Scholarship available to students no matter where they are based in the region, offering 15-20% reductions on tuition fees. Students who begin their studies online in Latin America can also enrol in 1-2 classes as opposed to the full time 4 class program, providing them with a great amount of flexibility to begin gaining credit points before arriving in Australia. 
  • Deakin has always had a strong online presence, even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic (16,424 online students as of March 2020) and the university now offers a 25% COVID Bursary for studies initiated online and continued onshore. This creates an incentive and clear pathway for students seeking to study abroad in Australia, who due to current travel restrictions are unable to begin their studies at an Australian campus. 
  • Deakin University English Language Institute (DUELI), recognised as one of Australia’s best English language centres, is now completely available online for students who need help meeting Deakin’s English language requirements. Completion of pathway programs through the institute can provide students with entry into most degrees at Deakin. 


Stay up to date with all the latest on the Somos21 network to hear about the upcoming episodes!


The webinar series will continue throughout the upcoming months, acting as a useful resource for international or soon-to-be international students from Latin America, providing a deeper understanding of a variety of topics including:

  • Deakin’s many programs of member interest including STEM, Business, Social Impact
  • Available scholarships for both offshore and onshore students at both Deakin’s English Language Institute (DUELI) and the University
  • The ways in which Deakin has responded to COVID-19 challenges and what this means for current and future students
  • How the strategic relationship between Deakin and Somos21 can benefit those involved

                                                            Photos: (left) Jasmine Sliger during the webinar joined by (right) Gonzalo and Rebeca


Somos21 Platform Relaunch in April


The Somos21 online platform is an innovative and multi-faceted tool for expanding knowledge, networks, experiences, and opportunities across Australia and Latin America that will be launched in late April. As the Somos21 community continues to expand, so does the value to its members.


The purpose of the platform relaunch is to further enable and improve engagement, connection and collaboration between people and institutions across Australia and Latin America. The new platform will provide stronger visibility and access to skills, networks, and opportunities for members.


The platform will now include two key features:


Interest Groups – members will now be able to interact and engage with experts and other members on specific topics of interest, such as migration & visas, education & training, jobs & employment, entrepreneurship, and more.

Networking - members can now directly connect with other community members anywhere across the world to grow their personal and professional networks.


This will be an exciting time for new and old members to connect, explore their network and strengthen personal and professional ties between Australia and Latin America.


The Somos21 platform is free and easily accessible for any individual interested in the Australia/Latin America relationship. We have loads of information and resources, particularly for students, early-career professionals, and entrepreneurs. Networking has become even easier as you can now sync your Somos21 profile with your LinkedIn. To join our community, please register your account via the following link:




 Somos21 would like to thank its ongoing partners for their continued support and commitment

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