Diana Esperanza Olmos Cuadros - Somos21 Volunteer Spotlight


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Personal information

Name: Diana Esperanza Olmos Cuadros
Country of Origin: Colombia
State of Residency: Sydney
Years in Australia:  6 years

Professional Information

Somos21: What is your profession? 
Diana Olmos: I am a changemaker.

Somos21: Tell me how your professional experience in Australia has been? 
Diana Olmos: I am a community organiser and advocate.

Somos21: What advice would you give to people who want to start any experience away from their country of origin?  
Diana Olmos: Open your mind, take the risks, challenge your "normal" and find yourself out of your comfort zone, take every opportunity that can get you local professional experience. Be kind to yourself, not everyone has the courage to immigrate to another country.

Somos21: Your 3 keys to success?  
Diana Olmos: Find your passion, if your "WHY" is clear you will find the HOW to make it happen. Be resilient and enjoy the process of becoming!


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