Big River Gold supports Pandemic Relief for International Students


Specialised minerals exploration and development company Big River Gold has donated $10,000 towards Somos21 and E-WA Rotary’s Pandemic Relief for International Students. This generous contribution will go towards providing supermarket e-vouchers for Latin American students in Australia who have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.


A nationwide survey was conducted between March and May this year of more than 5,000 temporary visa holders - 67 per cent of which are on a student visa. The results found that 60 per cent of these international students had lost their job and 46 per cent were forced to skip meals on a regular basis. Following a secondary lockdown in Victoria and increasing cases across the nation, the situation is likely to have deteriorated further. 


These students rely on the generosity of businesses like Big River Gold Limited, who with its Borborema Gold Project and staff located in North Eastern Brazil, has kindly offered its support to the Latin American community in Australia.


“Students have told us that the assistance has made them feel less stressed about their financial situation and that they feel less alone when they know that someone in the community cares,” said Somos21 Chair Jasmine Sliger.


The recipients of these vouchers and Somos21 volunteers alike extend their immense gratitude to Big River Gold for their contribution to the fundraiser. “I really appreciate the support received… it is a great help for me and my children with whom I came to Australia. A thousand blessings and thanks for those who give help,” said Sandra, a Colombian international student living in NSW.



Latin American students in Australia who need assistance can apply HERE

Tax deductible donations via Rotary Australia World Community Service can be made HERE

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