Somos21 officially announces appointment of new CEO - Oliver Houlcroft

Somos21 is proud to officially announce the appointment of Oliver Houlcroft as the organisations new CEO. Oliver has been with Somos21 since 2017 and has been on the Board of Directors since 2019. 


A student of Sydney’s Macquarie University, Oliver completed his Bachelor of Commerce before travelling to Latin America and falling in love with everything the continent had to offer. In an effort to get the “best of both worlds – to live abroad and develop professionally,” Oliver began work with an international back-office service provider which took him from Mexico City to Buenos Aires (Argentina) and then to Bogota. He now resides in Cali, Colombia working for a US medical coding, billing and collection service provider. 


Oliver says it’s great to see the developing relationship between Australia and Latin America on the “social-cultural front and also the social impact front” and believes that “social impact will remain key for Somos21, giving back to our community and the broader community is very important.”


Somos21’s journey throughout 2020 under Oliver’s management has included alliances and partnerships with Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) and Deakin University which Oliver believes will prove vital for the organisation’s future. 


“Connection to the student community who then evolve into these entrepreneurs and young professionals are the root of the future and we operate in a unique space for that,” he says. He also commented on Somos21’s ongoing fundraiser for international students, saying that “it has shown us that we have the team and the capabilities to manage these large scale projects which add value and provide support (for the Latin American community in Australia).”


Oliver is hopeful for the future, believing that a focus on the student market and education sectors will provide Australian businesses and organisations “access to the unique talent and keen individuals” emerging from the Australian and Latin American youth. 


All the members and partners of Somos21 congratulate Oliver and sincerely look forward to what the future holds for Somos21 with him as the new CEO. 


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