By Paola Nagovitch

When it comes to reopening borders amid a pandemic, each country is bound to take its own approach considering the epidemiological situation within each territory. Despite shutting down their borders in March, most Latin American countries have allowed nationals to return home during the coronavirus pandemic (with the exception of Bolivia). Now, as countries began to loosen air travel restrictions as early as July, the panorama is shifting.

Countries in the region that have at least partially reopened their borders to international travel have, by and large, instituted requirements for incoming passengers. Countries like Costa Ricathe Dominican Republic, and Uruguay require that passengers present a negative result from a molecular test upon arrival, but you may want to check how many hours in advance the test must be done before traveling to each country. While mandatory two-week quarantines for incoming travelers are almost universally enforced across the region, Brazil requires travelers to purchase health insurance for the duration of their stay.

On the other hand, particularities have emerged across the region. Mexico has remained open to international travel throughout the pandemic, except for the closure of the U.S.-Mexico border to nonessential travel in place since March. While the governor of Puerto Rico has not closed the island’s borders given that, being a U.S. territory, only the federal government can issue such a measure, the island’s government said that Puerto Rico is closed to international tourism until mid-August. Nicaragua, for its part, has not issued a border closure, but its government has prevented the return of citizens time and time again.

Looking at air travel specifically, AS/COA Online breaks down each week which countries and territories have reopened their borders, which remain closed, and which have reopened with exceptions.

For a detailed breakdown of travel and border restrictions in place in each country, read our COVID-19 in Latin America tracker.


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