JOB HIRING: Volunteer Participation in Productions of Different Multimedia Formats for Integration of Creative Industries with Animana & Hecho por nosotros - Sydney

Aug 04, 2020

This is an opportunity to work with an Ashoka Fellow

Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs that have been taken through a rigorous selection process, testing the quality of their ideas and character, to become part of the Ashoka Fellowship and Network. Ashoka Fellows take on the challenges of building innovative system change ideas to make and spread social impact in a world wrought with challenges. They refuse to let the ‘impossible’ stand in their way to creating a better world.

This is an unpaid, volunteer opportunity

About The Affiliated Organization

“ At Hecho por Nosotros we integrate all creative industries, other facilities, input, production, and distribution businesses in arts, design, culture, and heritage industries that are run sustainably, provide quality jobs and have a social impact.” The Creative Industries are a main area with a 9% annual growth rate, the creative economy generates more than USD 2.25 trillion in revenue and nearly 30 million jobs globally, according to the 2015 EY report. A 2018 report by Cornerstone Capital, Creativity & The Arts: An Emerging Impact Investing Theme makes a strong case for investing in the creative economy as one of the ways “to counter the negative effects of widening income and wealth inequality, and the opportunity gaps that have resulted from the ‘knowledge economy’.” Despite the growing evidence of its impact, the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) 2019 Annual Impact Investor Survey reported that "Arts and Culture" accounted for less than 1% of the USD 239 billion worth of impact assets under management by its global members. But Upstart Co-Lab sees 15% of impact investing focused on the "Creative Economy".”

We've Worked In Alliances For 10 Years In The Audiovisual Area With The Cluster Audiovisual Provincia Of Buenos Aires Through Trainings, Support For Filming, Festivals And Events With High Social And Community Content Such As

We are advocating, promoting, educating, and committed to influence decision-makers at national, regional, and at the highest international level – to bring the controversies of the Creative industry into the spotlight and to eventually work together for social innovation and systemic change.

  • Programa Talento Integrado (Integrated Talent Program): development and execution of film projects. o Training Sessions:
  • FIRA: Festival Internacional de Realización Audivisual (International Festival of Filmmaking) [Itinerant] o Fanpage: o Video Spot:
  • Ficiprox: Festival Internacional de Cine Próximo (International Proximate Film Festival [Teasers] o Fanpage: o Córdoba ' s Headquarter video spot:
  • Festival de Cine en línea (Online Film Festival): online screenings.
  • Clusters en Proyección (Projection Clusters): simultaneous international screenings at each headquarters of the network 4.

Here's your chance to work with NGO Hecho por nosotros in pursuit of the generation of a non-hierarchical space that enables the integration of the different sectors of society into the audiovisual field.

For more information, please visit

Job Description

Due to the current high concentration of audiovisual content, we understand that it is necessary to include human capital (artistic and technical) that today is not reflected in the creation process, through a diverse and broad perspective for greater social integration.

We and FIRA: Festival Internacional de Realización Audiovisual (International Festival of Filmmaking), are looking for a volunteer to participate in productions of different multimedia formats and to take responsibility for a local shoot (not the entire project) in pursuit of making a feature film.

We have done two editions of FIRA in Argentina and Mexico with total success in terms of social inclusion and 15 films made !! Come on board to this exciting project. Director Jose Celestino Campusano is the soul, a great international director with 20 films internationally recognized.

Volunteer Logistics

Estimated hours required per week: minimum 15 hours per week
The estimated duration of the project is: 1-3 months
This position is On-site in null or Virtual

Language Requirements

English; Spanish

Desired Skills And Experience

No particular technical skill or knowledge is required. It is important to have experience of teamwork and social integration issues. English and Spanish are required.


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