JOB HIRING: Agricultural Scientist - Melbourne

Aug 03, 2020

Releaf Clinics is currently looking for an Agricultural Scientist to join our expanding team. The ideal candidate comes with postgraduate qualifications in forestry or agriculture-related fields, excellent reporting skills, and a business analytics mindset. Formal post-grad level education in plant physiology, soil chemistry, climate change, and crop optimisation will be viewed very favourably. Ability to identify key metrics and trends to drive data-driven decision making, positive attitude, and a common-sense approach is essential. Proficiency in the collection, reporting and analyzing meteorological data together with enthusiasm for new technologies and acumen to learn and adapt is critical to the success of this role. Knowledge of geospatial interoperability tools and experience in importing Geospatial files using ArcPro is preferred.

Candidates must have the ability to tackle high-priority technical issues using a hands-on approach, they must be able to prioritise seamlessly providing service delivery and special projects from start to completion. This person will be an onsite subject matter expert with a complete understanding of all aspects of indoor and outdoor cannabis cultivation from seed, propagation, flower, to harvest. The ability to efficiently and accurately track and report on multiple projects, experiments, and growing environments are essential.

The successful candidate will participate in the creation of daily schedules/protocols ensuring coverage of all processes and tasks. Solid understanding of statistical techniques, strong problem-solving skills as well as the ability to drive actionable insights from massive data sets is important. The ability to provide senior management with direction and insight with the creation of dashboards and reports that easily allow the exploration of data pertinent to their ongoing operations. 

Critical criteria:

  • Post-grad qualification in Science with 5+ years of experience working in a position at a large-scale grow facility
  • Post-grad qualification in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 
  • Industry experience in global Medicinal Cannabis trends
  • Vast Medicinal Cannabis product knowledge and application
  • Data entry, Research & Experimental design preferred
  • Extensive R programming ability for statistical computing and visualization
  • Previous experience in a customer/client-facing role working directly with business stakeholders
  • Bilingual fluency in both English and Spanish with the ability to liaise with Latin American stakeholders
  • Significant International exposure and willingness/flexibility to travel based on company requirements
  • Thorough knowledge of pesticides, chemicals, fertilisers, IPM, and the external factors that influence plant growth and development. 
  • Ability to implement compliance protocols to all relevant laws and regulations
  • Ability to design intuitive dashboards in Microsoft PowerBi and have outstanding Excel skills
  • Completed post-grad level Statistical analysis courses
  • Broad range of analytical techniques to identify business-critical trend/insights by exploiting big data
  • Subject matter expertise for data analysis methods and tools, as well as data visualization best practices.
  • Results-driven, with a strong emphasis on data to qualify approaches and outcomes
  • Ability to lead a team of Australian analysts using industry knowledge in medicinal cannabis is paramount

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Sylvia Victor, PhD/MBA

Operations Director at Releaf Clinics

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