JOB HIRING: Global Performance Executive - Sydney

Jul 27, 2020

Global Performance Executive

Role Title: Global Performance Executive

Reports to: Business Operations Consultant

Role Overview: Salary: 65,000 AUD + super

As a Global Performance Executive you will play a pivotal role in ensuring Finder scales globally in English and Spanish speaking markets by adding the best possible new members to the crew.

You will generate market studies of the Latin America, US, UK and APAC markets to help Finder build its presence in these markets and generate weekly and monthly reports on the success of each campaign to share with main stakeholders.

You will work along the marketing, publishing and business operations departments to build organic and paid marketing campaigns to grow the revenue and footprint of Finder.

You will generate and grow partnerships by selling marketing campaigns to help partners reach their traffic and sales goals. You will also generate industry and conversion reports to improve the user experience in Finder and the partners landing page to improve the success of the marketing campaigns.

You will have to build relationships with Spanish and English speaking partners therefore you should have a broad professional network in Latin America.

As someone deeply aligned to our company values, you'll help articulate Finder’s employer brand, positioning us globally as a great place to work. Joining us on the journey as we grow exponentially in our mission to grow the world’s most popular comparison platform with our crew at the centre of our success.

Having worked in a fast-growth tech company, you understand the industry, the market and techniques to build strong campaigns alongside other Finder departments. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Seeing an online marketing campaign through from start to finish, including placing pixels, testing tracking, working through creative specifications, reporting and pacing towards budgets.
  • Providing effortless service to Spanish and English speaking clients and building fantastic relationships.
  • Reporting daily to the commercial and publishing teams on up to date EPC and performance data for each and every client marketing campaign across all verticals.
  • Working closely in alignment with the business development team.
  • Managing a variety of performance marketing campaigns with our partnerships on various models such as CPL, CPC, CPA etc.
  • Preparing contracts/ IOs and Proposals for the marketing campaigns with the clients.
  • Creating processes around filing and reference of IOs, and assisting with end of month figures and working closely with finance for end of month billing.
  • Analysing and reporting on marketing performance campaigns to internal stakeholders, identifying and recommending strategies to improve performance.
  • Ensuring that all sites are optimised to the optimal commercial advantage whilst balancing the product mix. 
  • Managing display inventory and partner sponsorships.
  • Merchandising products / offers across the site. 

Essential requirements of the role:

  • Degree qualified in Business, Communications or Marketing.
  • Relevant experience in an online marketing comparison platform.
  • Spanish speaker, desirable.
  • Have great communication skills in both spanish and english – written, verbal and presentation.
    Broad Network in Latin America.
  • Knowledge and ability to apply CPA, CPL, CPC in the different marketing campaigns for our partners.
    MS Office confident user.
  • Proactive, demonstrating resourcefulness, enterprising attitude.
  • Have a genuine belief in our work and a desire to dominate new markets.
  • Ability to work independently and to deadlines.
  • Dedicate yourself to your work.
  • Can multitask with ease.
  • Are a master at using the internet, a computer, internet marketing and monetisation.
  • Learn new technologies, skills and whatever else is required to dominate.
  • Pay professional attention to detail and deadlines.
  • Competitive, helpful and supportive.
  • High-energy, enthusiastic, flexible, ethical with a can-do attitude.


The following is a snapshot of critical performance metrics, however this list is not inclusive of all the responsibilities of the role. It is expected that you are adaptive to the requirements of the role, which is broadly to manage successful campaigns in the most profitable way for the business.

Most of the campaigns will be focused on the Latin American market so its expected that clients don't understand or exercise negotiations in english, therefore you will need to have the conversations completely in spanish for all the following tasks with most of the clients.

Specific targets will be set weekly/monthly. The key KPI’s for successful campaign management are:

  • Updates. Provided the client give us adequate notice, all requested updates will be complete on time and confirmations sent to the client. Information across site will be correct at all times
  • Implementation. All campaigns will be set up within desired time frame, campaign manager will double check all details are correct before implementation , instant setup may be required 
  • Daily EPC and performance reports .This will need to come through daily along with suggestions and comments
  • Optimisation = Placement of product to yield the optimal result, this will be done daily, with changes done once the OK has been given
  • Tracking = Tracking to be functional and visible across all campaigns at all times, all campaigns to be tracking in Has Offers 
  • Budget Management = Ensuring budgets are managed accurately and efficiently, and that all partnerships remain within signed budget at all times without exceptions
  • Reporting. Reporting of EPCs and on campaign pacing delivered daily to internal stakeholders - including identification of opportunities, dips in CRs anything else abnormal . Clients who require reports will get them on the specified date without having to remind us
  • Optimisation. Give suggestions daily on optimisation opportunities and implement once agreed by team
  • Sponsorship Spreadsheet. This will be kept up to date and correct at all times 
  • Creatives, Assets and Tags. You will ensure that all tags and creatives are OKayed and ready to go live >3 days before campaign go live.
  • Pre-Sales Assistance
    • Use Research tools such as Hitwise, Google Adplanner et al to present Finder websites to potential new clients, liaising with our contacts at both Google and Hitwise to gather the intelligence
    • Prepare Presentations in Powerpoint for pitch situations, liaising with the Performance Director and Commercial Director
    • Attend business development meetings and assist Business Development
    • Prepare Insertion Orders for Business Development
    • Ensure that Accounts has all the appropriate Insertion Orders
    • Check that Accounts has invoiced correctly as per the Insertion Order and Delivery.
  • On-boarding and Launch of New Programs
    • Source the details of products to be launched into a Template to feed into Publishing team, either via the client or the client website
    • Liaise with the Publishing team to ensure that the products are setup in CCCT, our internal database of products.
    • Liaise with Publishing and Commercial Director to ensure that merchandising throughout the network is appropriate.
    • Take screenshots when campaigns are live and send to the client.
  • Tracking
    • Go into HasOffers and generate a pixel to be placed on the Client’s thank you/success page.
    • Send this pixel to the Client and liaise to ensure that it is correctly implemented
    • Ensure that tracking has been correctly implemented on the client side
    • Ensure that internal tracking systems are recording sales correctly
  • Delivery
    • Take screenshots when campaigns are live and send to the client
    • Ensure that what has been promised to the client is delivered to the client.
    • Regularly check Google Analytics to ensure that Click targets are being met
    • Regularly check 3rd party reporting to ensure that CPA, CPL and CPAA targets are being met
    • Aggregate reports in a presentable way to send to clients and internal stakeholders
    • Regularly check and monitor sponsorship placements to ensure that we are meeting the target level of impressions and/or clicks and applications.

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