Australia's Top 50 Workplaces During the Pandemic

Jul 25, 2020

By SBS Australia 

Global workplace strategy research and consulting firm Great Place To Work released the list of Australia's Top 50 Workplaces during the pandemic. 

The results of the survey conducted between September 2019 and June 2020, during which more than 39,000 workers from 124 Australian-based companies were consulted, are particularly interesting because it covers the period when movement restrictions and work in the house were the rule, rather than the exception. 

Companies like Cisco Systems Australia, Salesforce, DHL Express, Canva, and SafetyCulture are among Australia's Top 50 Workplaces where working has been a positive experience, especially during the economic and job crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 


  • The results in this list are mostly based on the opinion of the employees.
  • Great Place To Work compiled the list by surveying more than 39,000 workers from 124 organizations.
  • Participating organizations were grouped into three categories, depending on the number of employees. 

Part of the methodology for developing this list of 50 workplaces was to divide companies according to the number of employees. In this way, organizations are grouped into companies with more than 1,000 employees, between 100 and 999 employees, and less than 100 workers.

Great Place To Work states in its report that the companies included in the report are "leading the way in the midst of the pandemic, showing attention to their employees, customers and communities during this difficult time." 

“Although caused by uncertain and sometimes heavy circumstances, the pandemic has created opportunities to experiment with new ways of working. Organizations have introduced more flexible ways of working and harnessing the power of digital media to unite their people. This has added to the organization that builds an inclusive culture, and organizations are taking advantage of this opportunity to increase the trust they have created with their employees in recent years. ”

Top Five Workplaces in Organizations with 1000+ Employees

  1. Cisco Systems Australia (information technology)
  2. Salesforce (information technology and software)
  3. SAP Australia (information technology and software)
  4. Mars Australia (manufacturing and production)
  5. DHL Express (transport and logistics)

The rankings were created from the responses of each company's employees, workplace practices, internal communication, workplace safety, health and safety offered by each organization.

The research provided interesting data such as that employees in companies with more than 1,000 workers had an average age of 35 years. That differs from workplaces with 100-999 employees, where the average age is 23. 


Many Australians have been working from home due to COVID-19
Many Australians have been working from home due to COVID-19.
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Regarding job growth, companies with more than 1,000 workers increased only an average of three percent; while organizations with 100-999 employees had an increase of 15 percent, despite the COVID-19 crisis. As for companies with less than 100 workers, the average number of new jobs was just three percent. 

Top Five Workplaces in Organizations with 100-999 Employees

  1. Interactive (information technology)
  2. AbbVie (biotechnology)
  3. Canva (information technology and software)
  4. SafetyCulture (information technology and software)
  5. BPay Group (financial and banking services)

The third group in this report is made up of small companies with fewer than 100 employees. In these groups, the worker base seems to be even younger with an average of 21 years, but they represented the highest income increase of all the groups consulted.

Top five workplaces in companies with fewer than 100 employees

  1. SC Johnson & Son (manufacturing and production)
  2. Insentra (information technology and information technology consulting)
  3. Morgan McKinley (professional and personal services)
  4. Beaumont People (professional and personal services)
  5. LogMeIn Australia (information technology and software)

Among some of the large companies featured in the report, such as Cisco and Canva, workers highly praised the ability to work from home and management's attention to the emotional and lifestyle conditions of employees.

Occupational safety and health document provider SafetyCulture was applauded for releasing online fitness videos to boost morale among its workers. While manufacturer of household cleaning and personal care products, SC Johnson & Son, in addition to its flexible hours where workers are allowed to work at their convenient times, implemented a "half-day break" that prohibits meetings over a three-hour period, between 11am and 2pm. 

Each company included in the study that resulted in the Top 50 listing obtained its score based on two main factors: employee responses to a survey and the Great Place to Work organization's assessment of the company's procedures and policies. company.

The post about “Australia's Top 50 Workplaces During the Pandemic" first appeared on the SBS Australia website.


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