Almost 200 missing from quarantine after lying to police at Queensland border

Jul 23, 2020

By Emily McPherson

Almost 200 people who were supposed to be quarantining at home in Queensland have managed to give police the slip after lying about their contact details at the border.

Queensland police said 185 people who came into the state were missing when officers conducted compliance checks. They are believed to have given false information to authorities.

Another 25 people provided their correct address, but had left by the time officers came to check up on them, police said in a statement.

Since mid-April, police have conducted more than 2300 compliance checks and uncovered almost 400 people were not where they were supposed to be.

There were 125 people who it was confirmed left Queensland during the quarantine period.

Commuters are stopped by police at the Queensland - NSW border checkpoint in the Gold Coast hinterland at Nerang Murwillumbah Road, near Natural bridge. P (Elise Derwin)

"Whilst the majority of people are adhering to the self-quarantine requirements a small percentage of people have not," a police spokesperson said.

Police said people who provided false information at the border were "putting others in the community at risk" something that would "not be tolerated by the QPS".

"Contact information which is incorrectly recorded or possibly false are sent from the Queensland Health call centre to the Queensland Police Service for further attention," the spokesperson said.

"Investigators attached to QPS' COVID-19 Taskforce Sierra Linnet will then attempt to clarify the information provided to ensure the individual can be contacted.

"In a situation where a correct phone number cannot be established, investigators are tasked to further investigate and will attempt to locate the individual concerned."

The news comes a day after Queensland police fined a man after finding him hiding in the boot of a car that was travelling across the NSW border into the state.

The post about “Almost 200 missing from quarantine after lying to police at Queensland border" first appeared on the 9News website.


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