Cuba: new stores start selling in freely convertible currency

Jul 23, 2020

By OnCuba Staff

The new stores selling in freely convertible currency, whose opening was announced last week by the Cuban government as part of a package of economic measures to face the post-COVID-19 stage, started operating this Monday throughout the island.

There are a total of 72 establishments that, according to what was announced, opened their doors for the sale of food and toiletries (57 stores), as well as hardware products (15), with prices in USD and payment through debit cards associated with bank accounts in freely convertible currency.

Of these, 14 are located in different Havana municipalities and the remaining 58 are distributed throughout the country―at least two per province―, belonging to the state chains Cimex and Tiendas Caribe. They are joining the existing establishments for the sale of household appliances, electric motorcycles and car components in freely convertible currency, opened last October with the intention of injecting foreign currency into the battered Cuban economy.

On a tour of several of the stores in the Cuban capital, particularly those located in the municipalities of Centro Habana and Old Havana, OnCuba was able to verify a variable influx of buyers, corresponding to the products on sale. While those who sold toiletries―such as Doble Nueve, on the San Rafael Boulevard, and El Sol Naciente, on Obispo Street―had around 20 people this morning, in those selling food products―Prado 20 and La Arcada―the number was higher, and at La Cubana hardware store, on Reina Street, it was around a hundred.

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