Greek startup Beat expands express courier services in Bogota

Jul 23, 2020


The ride-hailing startup Beat launched in Bogota Beat Envío Moto, a motorcycle shipping service for express package delivery. It may enable people to send parcels with a value 12% lower than the traditional service, reports La República. Beat currently operates in Greece, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

The novelty strengthen Beat’s offers in the country and provides extra income to those who work with motorcycles, says the newspaper, that reached to Alejandro Arbeláez, general manager of Beat Colombia. He stated that “the new messaging service is born from the need of people and small and medium-sized businesses to generate additional income, as well as to deliver products and services immediately”.

Although the costs of this delivery service may vary according to distance and time, Beat says that it is 12% cheaper than tradicional vehicle package delivery.

The post about “Greek startup Beat expands express courier services in Bogota" first appeared on the LABS website.


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