Here's what you can and can't do under the updated NSW restrictions

Jul 17, 2020


As NSW continues to record a small but steady growth of COVID-19 cases, the state is set to tighten restrictions on "higher risk" activities from next Friday.

"We need to minimise the risk of activities that we know super spread the virus, those indoors activities we know act as a catalyst," NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said.

Limits are being reimposed on indoor mass gatherings, affecting indoor hospitality venues, weddings, funerals and places of worship.

"This is to give us every opportunity to keep NSW as open as possible," Ms Berejiklian said, adding that the state remains on "high alert".

Indoor hospitality venues

Previously-announced restrictions on pubs and hotels - including a cap of 300 people, mandatory sign-ins and maximum group bookings of 10 people - will also be extended to all NSW hospitality venues, such as clubs and restaurants.

Weddings, corporate events

The maximum cap will be 150 people, with attendees to be "completely seated, no dancing, no singing, no mingling".

Ms Berejiklian said it would be up to people to make their own decisions on whether to postpone weddings or to proceed and abide by the restrictions.  

"This is to keep people safe. We know how the virus spreads. We know what the high-risk activities are."

unerals, religious gatherings

The maximum cap is being set at 100. 

"They [funerals] are emotional occasions where people know each other and that increases the risk of transmission," Ms Berejiklian said.


"The wedding - that is a different circumstance because they're seated for whole duration of the event, whereas funerals, depending on the religion and the ceremony, there are different aspects to the service. Part of the service is seated, part of it might be at a burial place."

Household guests

Although the cap will remain at 20 guests for now, Ms Berejiklian said the official NSW Health recommendation will be to encourage people to choose to limit gatherings to "the safe number" of 10 people.  

"We ask people to be thoughtful about who they welcome, how many they welcome and especially protect those most vulnerable," she said.

Outdoor gatherings

Outdoor gatherings will also stay at the limit of 20 "because we know the threat of spreading the virus outdoors is less", Ms Berejiklian said. 

"These measures are to protect NSW, to reduce the risk. Because we have to assume, based on what is happening in Victoria, based on the numbers that we're seeing in NSW ... we have to assume there is a level of community transmission. And these measures will reduce the risk of that community transmission getting out of control."

Those showing symptoms - such as cough, fever, sore throat, loss of smell or taste - are being urged to get tested and stay home.

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