Eight free movies to watch at home from the Sydney International Film Festival

Jun 25, 2020


Film programmer Gisselle Gallego, an enthusiast of the Sydney film festival, recommends some of the titles shown in this contest and that can now be enjoyed on SBS On Demand.

The complete collection of films can be seen for free, until July 10.

Gisselle Gallego recommends eight of these titles.

“Something that these eight films have in common is that the actors are incredible and above all, the children. All the stories speak of empowerment, and in these circumstances that we are in, it is important to see that they are stories where people get ahead despite the difficulties and obstacles they encounter, "Gallego explains.


  • The festival's complete film collection includes 40 productions from around the world.
  • The films have been shown at the Sydney International Film Festival.
  • They can be viewed for free on SBS On Demand until July 10.

The films suggested by Gisselle Gallego are:

A fantastic woman, A Fantastic Woman , (Chile, 2017)

Lantana (Australia, 2002)

Alis' Wedding (Australia, 2016)

Mustang (Turkey, 2015)

My Life as a Zucchini (France, 2016)

The Lunchbox (India, 2013)

The Rocket (Australia, Thailand, Laos, 2014)

Wadja (Saudi Arabia, 2012)

For more information about the available films, click HERE 

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