Australia to relax restrictions on venues hosting mass events

Jun 13, 2020


Large venues will be able to accommodate more than 100 people and stadiums will be able to fill to 25 percent of their capacity under changes to the third stage of the plan to ease restrictions on COVID-19 in Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced changes to the final stretch of the road map to achieve the COVIDSafe Australia goal , after the National Cabinet meeting on Friday.

The leader said the limit of 100 people at meetings will be removed and replaced with measures that comply with the rule of one person for every four square meters, allowing more people to gather in larger venues.



  • The Prime Minister announces that crowds 1.5 meters apart from each person will soon be able to attend music and sports events.
  • The 100 person rule will be removed in indoor meetings.
  • All states and territories are on track to move to the third stage of the government plan next month.

Morrison also announced that stadiums with a capacity of 40,000 or fewer spectators will also be able to occupy 25 percent of the seats (10,000 seats for 40,000 stadiums).

"This will not be implemented immediately, this is part of the third stage of the plan," said Morrison.



Although the federal government proposes to reach the third stage in July, it is the states and territories that will decide when they will be ready to move to the next stage of the plan to relax the restrictions.

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