Cuba: borders will remain closed until at least August 1

Jun 11, 2020

by OnCuba Staff

Although the Cuban government has not released any official statement in this regard, Cuba’s borders will remain closed until at least August 1 due to the coronavirus pandemic. This was confirmed by the effective date of the measures established in NOTAM A2090 of the Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC).

This technical notice, known as the “Notice to Airmen” or “Notice to Mariners,” is submitted to aviation authorities to report on the establishment or modification of aeronautical facilities, services, procedures, or hazards. In this case, the IACC NOTAM establishes that–for the time being– “aircraft operations are allowed only in the interest of medical collaboration, humanitarian aid and cargo transfer, in accordance with established sanitary measures,” until August 1.

The same tentative opening date is handled in a tweet from the United States Embassy in Havana. “On June 5, the Cuban government extended the closure of the airport until at least August 1,” says a tweet dated this Monday and which refers to a new health alert also issued by the diplomatic headquarters that day.


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