Christian - Pandemic Relief for International Students Fundraising Campaign

Jun 08, 2020

Surveys from Unions NSW and The Victorian Migrant Workers Centre revealed, from more than 8000 entrees, that 98.7% of temporary migrants were receiving no government income support - 72% of which were international students.

Christian, is among the many international students who struggled financially in the midst of the pandemic crisis. He is also one of the recipients who received e-vouchers for his personal essentials coming from your generous donations. There are still hundreds of international students who need our help.

We encourage everyone to please support our "Pandemic Relief for International Students Fundraising Campaign" as this will seek to rectify this struggle and assure their ongoing well-being. All the funds received will go toward delivering grocery relief packages to Latin American students in need across the country.  

Join us in offering relief to these struggling students. Join us in making sure that there are #noneleftbehind.

Please don’t forget to share the link in your networks, on Linkedin and across any and all social media platforms to help us reach our goal.



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