Uruguay negotiating World Bank financing for roadworks program

Jun 03, 2020

By BN Americas

Uruguay’s public works ministry (MTOP) and the World Bank are negotiating a new disbursement of a US$70mn loan from the bank to finance road rehabilitation and maintenance works.

The loan was approved in 2017 and entails additional financing for a US$1.05bn program, which originally received US$66mn from the bank in 2012. So far, US$52mn have been disbursed from the second loan, according to the World Bank. 

Between 2017 and 2019, MTOP rehabilitated 1,900km of roads, surpassing by far the 890km set as a goal in the loan agreement, the ministry said via press release. 

MTOP also performed maintenance on 3,600km in 2019, exceeding the goal of 3,000km.

Some other actions being undertaken as part of the program include drafting engineering designs for climate-sensitive roads and institutional strengthening. 

The final review of the new loan disbursement will take place on June 30.

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