"You can still make a difference"

Jun 03, 2020

"I came to Australia 2 years ago, I was studying English and now I am studying a business diploma. In all this time I've been an active member of my community. I've worked hard in this country, I was working in a restaurant, I have paid my taxes. A month ago I lost my job. I have run out of my savings and I can't go back home cause there are no flights and borders are closed. Now I have to skip my meals to make sure  I have enough to eat for next week"
- Pamela Sierra

Pamela Sierra is one of the many struggling students who have come to Australia to study, contribute to our economy, and share in the joys of our lifestyle. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, she lost her job and is now running out of money to stay in Australia.

Join your fellow Australians and the dozens of generous donors already supporting the cause to generate funds to ensure these students are able to eat each week. Your donations will help Latin American international students in Australia like Pamela Sierra get back on her feet during this pandemic crisis.

If you have not yet taken your part in this cause, "you can still make a difference". Help us through Somos21 reach our goal of $25,000 to purchase E-vouchers for Latin American students so that they can use them to buy food, basic toiletries, and medicines. 

You can also support our fundraising campaign by sharing it with your network to help us close our target. 



To engage in helping and supporting our Latin American community impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, seek or share information, events, news, forums, and critical connection and collaboration opportunities during this time of mass isolation, join our community at COVID-19 Support Group.

Not yet a member? Get connected and be inspired by more incredible Latin American and Australian professionals. Join the growing Somos21 Community.

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