Scott Morrison says households may get cash grants for home renovations

May 31, 2020

By SBS Australia

New home construction and major renovation projects could be boosted through cash grants under a federal government coronavirus recovery plan.

The ailing entertainment sector is also likely to receive stimulus, with the focus shifting from economy-wide packages to targeted assistance.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed the government was considering giving householders cash grants for home renovations.

"We are more interested in the larger projects and new home builds and things like that," he told 2GB on Monday.

"We are looking at a bit of drop off in that current home building that's going on. That's not good for tradies and not good for jobs."

He said it would be important any construction industry measures helped local tradies rather than major contractors.

The prime minister also said he had been in talks with key entertainment sector figures over the weekend.

"One of the challenges is going to be that the entertainment sector will find it difficult to get capital moving again because they've had to draw down on it so significantly," he said.

The federal and NSW governments will spend an extra $3.5 billion to start building the Western Sydney Airport train line this year.

"A big part of coming out of the COVID-19 crisis is our infrastructure spending," Mr Morrison said.

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