Thousands of students in Australia return to classrooms for the first time in over two months

May 25, 2020


It is more than two months that in Australia severe restrictions were imposed to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them was that the students went home and from there continued their studies online, today the Government says that It is appropriate for students to return.


  • Government schools of New South Wales and Queensland open their doors today
  • In Tasmania students will begin their staggered return to school starting today
  • More restrictions are lifted in some states

Students from public schools in various states are returning to classrooms as state governments continue to discover how they will continue to ease the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus.

Only four new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed across the country on Sunday. In turn, the governments of Victoria and New South Wales (NSW) announced further relaxation of restrictions introduced in March to curb the spread of the disease.

This week, many boys and girls in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) public schools and the states of New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria will return to the classroom to continue teaching face-to-face and full time.

Public schools in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia have already resumed full time.

Schools in New South Wales and Queensland open their doors today

More than 600,000 students from year 2 to year 10 in Queensland are allowed to return to school starting today.

Queensland High School Principals Association President Mark Breckenridge told ABC News that its 400 members feel a mixture of excitement, but also a degree of unease in welcoming students. 


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In New South Wales, all public school students were ordered to return to classrooms this Monday, although Catholic and private schools are not required to do the same. 

Meanwhile, New South Wales Minister of Education Sarah Mitchell assured ABC that "parents should be reassured knowing that we have additional measures in our schools."

"Additional cleaning and hygiene supplies ... have been put in place to ensure that our schools are safe for students to return to," he added.

Tasmania and ACT, staggered return from today

In Tasmania, students will begin their staggered return to school today; with a similar approach, the state of Victoria will start from tomorrow.

Tasmania's kindergarten through sixth grade students, along with Year 11 and 12 students, will also resume learning at school starting this Monday, before students from Years 7 to 10, who will join them in from June 9.

While in the Australian Capital Territory the return will also be in stages, with students in years 3, 4 and 10 returning to school on Monday, leaving only years 5, 6, 8 and 9 to return on 2 of June.

Meanwhile, school-age children in the state of Victoria prepare for their return. All state school students will return to classrooms before June 9, although pre-primary, year 1, year 2, and years 11 and 12 will begin this Tuesday. 

More restrictions are lifted in some states

Starting June 1, residents of the state of Victoria will be allowed meetings of up to 20 people at home and outdoors, along with overnight stays in hotels and camps.

At the same time, people in New South Wales will be able to return to beauty salons, including tanning studios and nail salons, if companies implement COVID-19 safety plans.

Sport Australia has also published a roadmap that will allow community sports clubs and associations a safe return to sport at all levels.

Developed in collaboration with Hockey Australia, the 'Return to Sport Toolkit' provides comprehensive checklists, adaptive COVID-19 safety plans and templates for use by sports organizations

Prime Minister Scott Morrison believes that the return of community sport will be one more step for Australia to return to normal as the country goes through the coronavirus pandemic.

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