Returning the Favour - Pandemic Relief for International Students

May 19, 2020


The bushfires that ravaged this country just months ago seem an almost distant memory since the sweeping effects of the COVID-19 crisis took hold. Thousands across the country and throughout the globe stepped up to donate and support the cause, opening their hearts and sponsoring the affected firefighters, home owners and wildlife. 

Raphael Alvarenga Lopes, an Brazilian student living in Australia, spared what little he had for the bushfire appeals and gave generously even under the financial strain of schooling, immigration and health fees. As a result of the pandemic, he has lost 80% of his casual work, was rejected for rent reduction and without access to any government aid is now backed into a corner, unsure how he will manage the coming months, weeks, days. Raphael has given everything he has for this country in the 5 years he has spent on our shores and extended his hand when we were in our time of need. Now is our opportunity to return the favour. 

So many people gave generously when our nation was in need. If you have been lucky enough to remain in work or on government support, join us in giving back to the international community that gave so much to us. Raphael says, “I hope Australia does something for us, I don't want to give up my dream. After 5 years here it's not simple to just come back to my country and leave everything behind." Join us in offering relief to these struggling students. Join us in making sure that there are #noneleftbehind 

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