“I skip my lunch and breakfast to make sure I don’t run out of my groceries soon”

International Student from Colombia

The current COVID-19 crisis has burdened millions of Australians with financial and emotional hardships, forcing swift government support for those who have lost their jobs and their income. Among those affected, there remain thousands of international students that slip through the cracks of government initiatives, left to battle this pandemic alone. Students who have worked, paid taxes, and contributed to the funding of Australian universities are being left behind amidst one of the toughest times in recent global history. Somos21 is a Not-for-profit organisation that seeks to promote greater connection and collaboration between Australia and Latin America, with your help, we are aiming to lend a hand to the struggling Latin American student community within Australia and lift them further from the clutches of this pandemic- to prove that we really are in this together.


Impact of COVID-19 upon international students

Surveys from Unions NSW and The Victorian Migrant Workers Centre revealed, from more than 8000 entrees, that 98.7% of temporary migrants were receiving no government income support - 72% of which were international students. These students' most basic human right of access to food is being brought into disrepute, shown by the 43% of respondents who admitted to regularly skipping meals due to their financial hardship. With no commercial flights to Latin America and borders closed, students cannot return home and the NGOs and private sector agencies are unable to offer enough sustainable support. These students are jobless, they are stuck and we as a community have the opportunity to help.


How can you help?

Your donations will seek to assist the students and assure their ongoing well-being100% of the donations will go towards delivering e-vouchers to Latin American students in need across the country. With these e-vouchers students can purchase food, basic toiletries, and medicines - guaranteeing that your generous dollars are being put to good use, easing the heavy burden on these migrants and their dependents. [Note: Average weekly grocery shopping for a student is $50 to $75].


How can you be sure your donation is going to those in need? 

100% of your donations will be used to buy E-vouchers. Adhering to strict eligibility guidelines. Applicants for grocery e-vouchers will be reviewed and assessed case by case with visa information to ensure eligibility criteria. Somos21 will channel these donations to those most in need and help to ensure the resilience of Australia’s relationship with its international community. If you have any questions or require more information please email us at donations@somos21.org

Together, let us ease the burden of the few, with the generosity of the many. Let us ensure that there are #noneleftbehind


For more information about this fundraising campaign, please click HERE.


To engage in helping and supporting our Latin American community impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, seek or share information, events, news, forums, and critical connection and collaboration opportunities during this time of mass isolation, join our community at COVID-19 Support Group.

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