Guantánamo: main source of coronavirus infection are Cuban asymptomatic travelers

May 11, 2020

by OnCuba Staff

The main source of infection for most of the coronavirus-positive Guantánamo people is related to asymptomatic national travelers, said Dr. Aimée Blanco Chibás, head of the Department of Transmissible Diseases at the Provincial Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

In a note from the digital newspaper Venceremos, the doctor indicated that until now only the origin of the contagion of a patient from the municipality of Maisí, the last confirmed case in that territory, remains to be specified.

She added that in the other 16 cases, the epidemiological investigation was concluded, which allowed the tracking and diagnosis of 10 to 15 direct contacts per person to break the chain of transmission by early isolation of the suspects.

According to the publication, six Guantánamo residents remain in the Joaquín Castillo Duany Military Hospital in Santiago de Cuba. There have been three discharges of patients from Baracoa, bringing the number of patients who have recovered from the disease to 10 in the province.

Dr. Luis Armando Venereo Izquierdo, an epidemiologist at the Provincial Department of Health, reported that among the hospitalized there is the case of 69-year-old man who is progressing satisfactorily despite his history of chronic illnesses.

Guantánamo, he said, maintains the death toll, more than 1,600 real-time PCR tests processed and 4,000 rapid tests.

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