The Victoria state government announced emergency humanitarian aid for international students

Apr 30, 2020


About 40,000 students living in Victoria will receive an AU $ 45 million government support package. 

Employment Minister Martin Pakula said that international students are important to the state and wants them to continue choosing Victoria as an educational destination.

"When the COVID-19 crisis is over, there will be huge competition for international students. Many of these students don't have to come to Victoria, they can choose to go to other parts of this country. They can go to Canada, they can go to the Kingdom United, United States. I think the type of educational experience we provide them and the type of message they send home is a very important part for international students to remain enrolled in our educational institutions, "said Minister Martin Pakula . 

About 250,000 international students came to Victoria to study last year, contributing AU $ 12.6 billion to state revenue, according to government data. Victoria is Australia's largest market for international students, in 2018 alone international students injected more than AUS $ 3 billion into universities.

La Trobe University has announced its own AU $ 12 million student aid package, including AU $ 6.8 million for international students. Deakin University has promised a $ 25 million grant.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said earlier this month that temporary visa holders "were not required to stay in Australia" and that if they could not support themselves "they should look at other alternatives like returning to their home country."

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