Western Australia (WA) will allow meetings of 10 people after progress in the fight against COVID-19

Apr 27, 2020

By SBS en Español

Western Australia will relax its restrictions on the coronavirus to allow the gathering for non-labor purposes of up to a maximum of ten people, as the state recorded another day without new cases of COVID-19.

WA Premier Mark McGowan said it was a "cautious relaxation" of the restrictions, acknowledging that it had been difficult for everyone, but especially the elderly, not to see family and friends during the pandemic.

"We need to remember that we remain in a state of emergency," he told reporters on Sunday, recommending "strongly that everyone continue to practice appropriate social distancing." 


  • Western Australia will relax measures starting Monday to allow meetings of up to ten people.
  • It will allow recreational activities such as picnics, fishing, sailing, among others.
  • Gyms and public outdoor activity areas will remain closed.

 Starting Monday, non-contact recreational activities such as picnics in parks, fishing, boating, hiking, and camping will be allowed, but people must comply with travel restrictions.

10 people will be allowed at weddings and the 10 person limit remains for funerals.

Outdoor personal training will also be allowed for a maximum of 10 people, provided that the groups adhere to social distancing and do not share the team.

Homes will also be allowed to be open for real estate visits, but records should be kept of everyone who enters those locations.

Gyms and outdoor play areas will remain closed, while food outlets are restricted to take-out food.

"We have to be patient. We have to be careful," said McGowan.

"We cannot let our guard down on social distancing and good personal hygiene. We cannot slip.

"So our borders will remain closed for a long period of time. Our numbers may be low, but we have to keep it that way."

Western Australia has confirmed a total of 549 coronavirus cases, but only 55 remain active.

There are currently 16 people in Perth hospitals, including four in intensive care.

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