SLASA Wants to Connect Sydney's Older Adult Community Amid COVID-19

Apr 27, 2020



And is that one of the challenges facing the community is that many of them do not have access to devices and the Internet. Today, the Good Things Foundation announced that it has received $ 1 million in funding for the "Be Connected" program, so partners like SLASA can apply for grants to buy loan devices over the next six months.

Alarmingly, 2.5 million Australians are offline and do not have the skills to connect. The "Get Connected" program, funded by the Australian government, aims to reduce the digital divide across the country. Support areas include the basics of online connection, security, access to online government services, social connection (eg Facebook, Facetime, What'sApp), online shopping, hobbies in online, games and entertainment (eg YouTube, Netflix).

SLASA Director Carlos Encina talks to Hora 13 about all the ways he is supporting people during this difficult time and what this Be Connected grant would mean for the community to be successful.

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