Australia's emotional video for when we can travel again

Apr 16, 2020

by: Conocedores

"With love from Aus" is the new Australian Tourism commercial. "The grass is getting greener. The stars are still blinking. The views are repainted," says part of the spot.

Tourism in Australia presented an emotional and friendly video showing us some of the country's iconic places, destinations, nature and animals for when we can travel again, once the coronavirus crisis is overcome.

“Something funny happened on the way home, as we closed our doors and explored smaller worlds. We looked out the window and realized that we miss you, perhaps more than the avocado toast », begins the warning that avoids melancholy, and does so with the typical Australian joy.

The winds are even sweeter. The grass is getting greener. The stars still blink.  The fruit is ripening. The views are repainted. And the horizon is very clear ", says another excerpt from the commercial, which ends with the phrase" With love from Aus ", where the final" Aus "is a pun on the" us "(us), which is pronounced (almost) equal to «Aus», as apocope of the country.

"While there are many restrictions on travel and tourism at the moment, people's appetite for traveling did not disappear. We want everyone to continue dreaming about the unique experiences and beautiful places in Australia that will be waiting for you. More time at home gives us more time to think about the things that really matter, so we want to give people something to look forward to by sharing places that they will be able to explore in the future, "they said from Turismo de Australia .

This is the transcript of the notice:

«A funny thing happened on the way home
as we closed our doors and explore smaller worlds.
We looked out through the window and realized we missed you,
maybe more than avo on toast.
Now, that may not be true, but we will tell you what is.
Staying connected to mates, it's just what we do.
So, look, there's a quokka.
Roos running amok.
Furry friends high in trees and green shoots popping up.
The fish are on a break from our sun-kissed bits.
Whale sharks roaming quietly,
our silence their bliss.
What else is going on?
Well, the winds are yet sweeter.
The grass is getting greener.
Uluru is having a rest.
The stars are still twinkling.
Sun showers are sprinkling.
The fruit is getting fat.
The views are repainted.
The horizon much lighter.
There´s plenty of it.
There´s plenty that brighter.
So, that's news from now.
Stuff that makes you feel better.
There´sa lot more to share
to bring us closer than ever.

With love from Aus. » 

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