Applications to our 2020 Pre-Accelerator are open!

Apr 15, 2020

by: Catalysr 

Program Overview

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 and stay-at-home order in NSW, the 2020 Pre-Accelerator Program will take place 100% online.

The Pre-Accelerator program will run from 2nd May to 18th July 2020, and will be offered to the top 100 Migrapreneur applicants. The program consists of online

  • Weekly Masterclasses: 12 x weekly masterclasses on startup essentials from our expert mentors, startup ecosystem and industry partners. Our curriculum is based on Design Thinking, Lean Startup Methodology and MIT’s Disciplined Entrepreneurship (DE) framework.
  • Experiential learning with the Catalysr Community: Collaborative work with other migrapreneurs with mentors to apply learnings from masterclasses, build accountability, and make progress on your startup.
  • Community Events: Monthly community events such as hiking, dinners etc. with your cohort, Catalysr alumni, mentors and supporters.

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 and stay-at-home order in NSW, all masterclasses, collaborative sessions and community events will take place online

There will also be additional support from our major partners CGU Insurance & Vasudhara Foundation who have committed to supporting the next generation of Migrapreneurs!


What is a Pre-Accelerator program? 

A pre-accelerator program helps individuals/small teams who have a startup idea to test and validate their idea for a high-growth tech startup.

You come to us with a problem you are passionate about and truly want to solve. We help you understand your problem space and your customers deeply, understand the existing market, players and work-arounds, develop and rigorously test your hypothesis (yes, this is like a science-class but more fun!), and finally help build a minimum viable product (MVP) for your business.  

Who are we after?

We are looking for the A-team of exceptional Migrapreneurs who want to join us in creating Australia 2.0! Hear from our Migrapreneurs from the 2019 program on why they joined Catalysr in the video below.

  • Are you a hacker, engineer, hustler, scientist, thinker, marketer, business mogul or do'er?

  • Do you deeply care about solving hard problems?

  • Have you had a problem or business opportunity in mind, but no way to make it real?

  • Are you interested in validating your problem, market, prototype, proof of concept?

Even if some of these points speak to you, apply to join our next program in 2020. 


Or if this sounds like someone you know, share it with them below!

Meet Prem & Misha from Natural Panaa

Natural Panaa low res.jpg

“It has been an incredible journey of learning and experience with Catalysr. They have a team of expert mentors and the pre-accelerator program is highly organised which not only benefits startups but also the individuals. As full time workers, we got the much needed support and push from Catalysr which helped our startup Natural Panaa with product portfolio development, customer validation and networking. We are proud to have been part of Catalysr’s 2018 Cohort and we highly recommend this program to all new startups who are looking for some direction and encourage them to apply”

Premjith Herman & Misha Ahmed, Natural Panaa (C18)


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