We are all in this together

Apr 08, 2020

Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers and temporary visa holders, including international students in Australia are at risk of missing out on welfare support after massive layoffs as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Many works in hospitality, retail, and services, some of the industries hit hardest by shutdowns, and few have family and community networks they can turn to.

Australia cannot leave migrants behind as we face COVID-19. Everyone in our community should be able to access real support during a public health emergency.

We, at Somos21, support the call on the Morrison Government to urgently expand its wage subsidy JobKeeper scheme to include all working people in Australia, regardless of their visa status or how long they’ve been working in their current job.

During this time of the unprecedented global pandemic, we have put in together a message of support and hope for the Latin American community in Australia who are facing a difficult situation. Our top priority in the COVID-19 crisis is to ensure that everyone in our community are included in the response plans and are properly informed.

We are all in this together. 


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