Email Campaign for Migrant Workers

Apr 08, 2020

Migrant workers do crucial work that keeps our society going. People with temporary visas are more likely to work casually and in unsafe situations. They are the ones who now bear the brunt of the cuts to jobs and hours of work. 

And now, they are treated as if they were replaceable. They do not have access to paid time off or support from Centrelink. The international students who have lost their jobs now face exorbitant costs for classes postponed.

As part of the Latin American community, let's join together to call upon the government in offering the same rights and the same support to migrant workers as to all other workers in Australia. 

Let's do an email campaign urging Members of Parliament to grant JobKeeper Program to all our migrant workforce.

Email one or more of these Members of Parliament (MPs):

Hon. Mr. Christian Porter MP 
Minister for Industrial Relations 
(02) 6277 7300

Hon. Mr. Alan Tudge MP 
Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs
(02) 6277 7790

Dr. Fiona Martin MP 
Member for Reid 
(02) 6277 4156

Ms. Gladys Liu MP 
Member for Chisholm 
(02) 6277 4155

Mr. John Alexander OAM MP 
Member for Bennelong 
(02) 6277 4804

Email can be an effective way to start communications with your representative. Use the MPs full name when writing to them. For example, rather than writing “Dear David Coleman”, you would write “Dear Hon. Mr. David Coleman MP”. 

It’s worth remembering they can receive huge numbers of emails on a huge range of issues. In many cases they get lots of emails saying the same thing.

Personalise your email as much as possible to make it stand out. Keep your letter short and to the point. As with any communication with a representative, the more people they hear from, the more likely they are to act. So, if you can, get others to email as well.

What you can include in your email:

How you or others are affected by the coronavirus
Why the wage subsidy, which is going to vote on Wednesday, should be extended to migrant workers
Why that MP and the Government should care about this issue.

If you don’t get a reply it can be worth a follow-up phone call a few days later. Try to get a timeframe for their response for the Parliamentary vote on wage subsidies. That way you can hold them to it and contact them again if they miss the agreed deadline.

To download our email template for migrant workers, click the link HERE.


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