Chile is the Latin American country that is doing more tests to detect COVID-19

Apr 06, 2020

by: LABS

According to an analysis carried out by Johns Hopkins UniversityChile is the Latin American country that performs the most COVID-19 tests in relation to its population. 

According to the report, Chile has carried out 1,800 examinations per million inhabitants since the start of the pandemic, closely followed by Panama, with 1,600 per million

In contrast, nations such as Ecuador and Peru barely test 400 people per million inhabitants, while Brazil has a rate of 300 per million, and Argentina and Mexico apply less than 200 tests per million. This could explain why Chile remains one of the countries in the region with the most confirmed cases, but with lowest mortality rate.

Source: Johns Hopkins University

According to El Mercurio, there are 4,161 cases of people infected by coronavirus in Chile, of which 424 are new cases reported until Friday. The death toll rose to 27.

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