COVID-19 Support Group: We Are All In This Together

The emergence of the COVID-19 has caused crushing effects and significant agitations to the Latin American Community in Australia. This outbreak has highlighted not only the vulnerability of the community to such risks but also the threat to international mobility posed by a virus that knows no borders.

In response to the emergence of the pandemic crisis, Somos21 has created a space in our platform for Latin Americans living in Australia to have completely free access to the highest level of information, support, and care in our community regardless of the migration or the visa status. We are fully committed to supporting the  Latin American Community in Australia at a personal, professional, and social level. 

Our COVID-19 Support Group will provide official information about current benefits, government responses, tips on how to get jobs, residential tenancy law, free legal advice in terms of migration, work rights, and education, preventive measures, risk management, and more. We also have an incredible amount of resources and a fantastic network of professionals who are willing to support everyone emotionally and mentally.  

We realize the importance of community engagement more than ever this time. So, we want to create this space to support each other. 

Please join the network. Engage in our platform through your LinkedIn, Facebook profile, or your Gmail address for FREE. Tell us what kind of support you need or how you can contribute to the community. 

In this rapidly challenging situation, we encourage everyone to stay home, keep safe, and stay up-to-date. 

We want to reassure you that Somos21 is here for you, that you are not alone, and that we are all in this together.


To engage in helping and supporting our community members impacted by Covid19, providing information, events, news, forums, and critical connection and collaboration opportunities during this time of mass isolation, join our community at COVID-19 Support Group.

Not yet a member? Connect and be inspired by more incredible Latin American and Australian professionals, join the growing Somos21 community.

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