Nearly 200 Colombians stranded in Australia ask their government for help to help them return home

Mar 31, 2020

Carolina Tafur is a Colombian student, lives in Melbourne with a student visa and had a flight to return to Colombia and land in Bogotá on April 1, but her entire plan fell apart when the Colombian government suspended the entry of international flights on March 23. .

Carolina tried to advance her flight to return earlier, but it was not possible. Despite this, she had already prepared to leave Australia: she had quit her job and ended her lease.

After being stranded in Australia, Carolina is living thanks to the generosity of friends who give her accommodation and trying to cover her minimum expenses until her savings last.

She is not the only one in this situation. Many other compatriots are also distressed, with temporary student or tourist visas that expire soon.

Some of them are elderly people, who have not been able to return either and who are gradually running out of resources to stay in Australia and their health insurance.

The group contacted the Colombian consulate in Sydney on March 23 through a letter , requesting help to return to Colombia.

The Consulate responded to them on March 25 by letter and told them that it was exploring with the government of Australia and Colombia different options to help them, although none has yet been finalized, to the despair of those affected.

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