A focus of COVID-19 is Bondi, the area that attracts international students and backpackers

Mar 31, 2020

New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian said Tuesday that there are signs of local broadcasting in the towns of Waverley and Bondi, an area that attracts thousands of international students and backpackers.

Berijiklian also indicated that it is too early to say that NSW is overcoming the curve and to reduce any restriction, so he redoubled his warnings not to leave home unless absolutely necessary and not to hold meetings of more than two people outside or inside. from home, in addition to respecting the guidelines for social distancing (space of 1.5 meters between two individuals)

"The number of cases acquired through local transmission is increasing. It is really important for us, at this stage of the virus, to maintain that level of control and containment as much as possible. We want to see that fewer people have to go to the hospital. We want to see fewer people die, "he said.

 Given the high coronavirus outbreak in the Bondi area, authorities announced that a COVID-19 testing clinic will be opened in this neighborhood.

NSW Medical Director Kerry Chant said additional testing will be done at various points where the outbreaks have been detected, noting that further testing is needed in places where there is clear community transmission and in areas of "groups assets".

In Bondi, "there has been an outbreak in backpackers," Chant said.

Last week the local media reported cases of COVID-19 among backpackers, including Argentines and Chileans, after attending parties in the eastern neighborhoods of Sydney in mid-month.


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