A man gives away money to workers lining up in front of a Centrelink in Melbourne

Mar 27, 2020

The Good Samaritan gave each person waiting in line outside the Centrelink offices in the Box Hill neighborhood a $ 100 bill, an act of kindness that left more than one speechless.

The man, named John, said in an interview with Melbourne radio, 3AW, that when he saw the queues that formed outside the Centrelink facility on television "he started to have a stomach ache" and felt so bad that he decided to do something. to help.


John says he was driven by the knowledge that "these people need urgent relief because they have to put food on the table and cannot wait until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to receive payment. Besides, Centrelink's subsidies are likely to come to them only recently. next week, so your needs are immediate, "he said.

In the midst of uncertainty, the wave of compulsive purchases and the loss of thousands of jobs, it is encouraging to see that acts of absolute generosity are not forgotten.


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The post about “A man gives away money to workers lining up in front of a Centrelink in Melbourne" first appeared on the SBS website.

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