Latin America's major freelance platform registers 23.8% drop due to coronavirus crisis

Mar 27, 2020

Brazilian local services marketplace GetNinjas, which claims to be the major app for hiring freelance services in Latin America, registered a drop due to coronavirus outbreak, according to a company press release. During the past week only, requests for services at the platform decreased by 23.8%, detected in nearly all kinds of services offered by the app.

The company launched a report this Friday (20), disclosing unprecedented information on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the freelance services sector in Brazil, providing an analysis of the drop in hiring services by segment and state in the country, as well as the sectors most affected by the crisis. Among them, events, health, and fashion and beauty services were the most hit by the coronavirus effect to date, with drops of 65.51%, 47.35%, and 45.67%, respectively.

On the other hand, the service that had the least impact amidst the pandemic was technical support, which recorded higher requests for services related to essential items for the current moment. Repair for items such as air conditioning, video game, computer and desktop, refrigerators, television, and notebook, registered more searches. As informed by the company, the report will be updated periodically.


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