Brazilian startup Olist allows businesses to create online shopping in less than 3 minutes

Mar 25, 2020

E-commerce is an important way to deal with the coronavirus outbreak and its consequences, such as the lockdown. Now it’s possible to create an online store in 3 minutes. The initiative is from the Brazilian startup Olist.

Tiago Dalvi, CEO and Olist founder, said that the idea is to aid micro and small businesses to overcome the impact of the COVID-19. With Olist Shops, people can have a virtual showcase for free. According to the company, at most 3 minutes are necessary to download the app and putting products or services online and take questions from customers directly via Whatsapp. There is no cost to download, subscribe, or sell.

“We know that many companies will go through or are already going through difficult times, but if it depends on Olist, we will overcome # covid19 and get out of this still (situation) stronger!,” said Dalvi on LinkedIn.


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