Peru: Health Min, experts discuss possibility of extending quarantine period

Mar 24, 2020

Peru's recently sworn-in Health Minister Victor Zamora has assembled renowned experts and researchers to evaluate the factors to be considered in determining whether to extend the quarantine period decreed by the Government in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

From the beginning, he said, the best professionals in Peru have been recruited to join the great institutional effort to confront this global threat, which has forced the Executive Branch to decree a mandatory social isolation until March 31.

"We have summoned the brightest minds in Peru in the fields of health, epidemiology, statistics, and infectious diseases, precisely to discuss such topic: the factors that are being taken into account in other countries to adopt a decision on this issue (the extension of the quarantine)," the minister explained.

Zamora explained that the data collected so far is being analyzed by authorities from health and other fields.

"However, we have collected opinions from other experts, and they suggest that we should include the effectiveness of our social distancing measures as well as climatic factors. All these elements are being considered to make such an important decision," the government official emphasized.

Minsa's head noted that the Executive Branch maintains its line of action to protect health professionals from treating coronavirus patients.

"We are infinitely grateful for their efforts to meet this challenge," he stated.


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