Half of Uruguay's coronavirus cases traced to a single guest at a society party

Mar 24, 2020

It was supposed to be a highlight of the social season in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo: but a glamorous wedding celebration in the upmarket neighbourhood of Carrasco has gained a different kind of notoriety after it emerged that 44 guests contracted the coronavirus at the party.

Uruguay has been disproportionally hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. While its next-door neighbor Argentina (population 45 million), has registered 97 cases, Uruguay (population 3.5 million) has seen confirmed cases leap from four on 12 March to 79 on Wednesday, with another 392 suspected cases.

That explosive growth can reportedly be traced back to a Montevideo socialite who decided to attend the 500-guest wedding on 7 March just hours after arriving from Spain.

Fashion designer Carmela Hontou, 57, has defended her decision to attend the party, adding that she also had lunch with her 84-year-old mother upon arrival and went to another lunch the next day “where there were also a lot of people”.


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The post about “Half of Uruguay's coronavirus cases traced to a single guest at a society party" first appeared on The Guardian website.

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