Australia to start clinical trial for promising COVID-19 treatment, combining two known drugs

Mar 24, 2020

A team of Australian medical researchers and epidemiologists has been testing a treatment that has shown promising results in curing confirmed cases of COVID-19.

Scientists plan to start clinical trials in Australia at the end of the month to determine if the combination of two drugs already registered is effective in treating patients who already have the coronavirus.

Patterson and his team's previous experiments with two drugs, one used to treat HIV and the second used to treat malaria, have shown promising results in the disappearance of COVID-19 in patients.

If successful, this clinical trial lasting approximately three months would represent a breakthrough in the fight against neocoronavirus.

The great advantage of this treatment is that these are two medications that are already on the market and their compounds are available in many countries.

One of the medicines is an antimalarial product called Chloroquine, present in the reserves of many tropical countries, such as some countries in Central and South America, as well as in Southeast Asia, where malaria is endemic.

Chloroquine was first used in China and South Korea to combat the epidemic. Now it is also being used in other countries to combat the disease.

Leonel Chévez, a graduate of the University of Queensland in Applied Health Sciences, with a major in primary health, tells SBS Spanish that demonstrating the effectiveness of Chloroquine against COVID-19 could save time, money and save many lives in tropical countries, with more precarious public health systems.


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The post about “Australia to start a clinical trial for promising COVID-19 treatment, combining two known drugs" first appeared on the SBS Spanish website.

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