New Website to Facilitate Greater Australia-Colombia Business Connections

Mar 20, 2020

The Australia-Colombia Business Council (ACBC) has launched its new website, optimized to better facilitate growing commercial ties between Australia and Colombia and provide key information to commercial actors across these borders.

The website now includes a new home page interface and a news section. These tools aim to build upon the accomplishments the ACBC has already achieved in bringing Australian and Colombian businesses and individuals together. Now, through the new website interface, the ACBC intends to drive increased interaction, networking and information sharing between commercial actors in the two countries. A more sophisticated user experience is expected to drive greater engagement with ACBC initiatives and business-focused content.

Michael Cullen, ACBC President said “I am proud of the significant contribution our team at the Australia Colombia Business Council have made since 2015 in promoting the robust and fast-growing commercial nexus that exists between Australia and Colombia.”

Content published under the new ACBC news section will discuss international trade and commerce between Australia, Colombia, and the wider Latin American economic context

Matched by their like-minded drive to support and promote foreign business activity, Australia and Colombia are powerful contenders for investment and expansion into the Latin American and South Pacific regions.

A driving force behind Australian-Colombian commercial engagement

The ACBC is a not-for-profit organization lead by key actors in the private sector in Colombia, with connections to Australian industries.

We support two-way trade between Australia and Colombia through a number of initiatives, including: networking, information sharing, industry events, providing guidance for new market entrants, linking the private and public sectors across borders, providing guidance to Australian government officials, and lobbying Australian commercial policy interests in Colombia.

I’m thankful for the ACBC’s invaluable support to the Embassy’s work. Through its strong Colombian-Australian networks and strategic input from voluntary members, the Embassy can achieve even more.

Sophie Davies, Australian Ambassador to Colombia


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