JOB HIRING: Content Creator and Social Media Marketing - (Volunteer/Intership) - Sydney

Feb 11, 2020

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn about start-ups, brands for purpose and your own purpose? Do you want to have working experience in content creation, digital marketing, and events, and attend networking events?
Paxy - a social enterprise in the fashion for purpose industry offering unique hand-made jewellery that makes a positive impact in Latin America and Australia, is currently looking for a fabulous volunteer to help them in the development of an amazing brand for purpose! 

They want you to help them research trends in fashion for purpose, sustainability and ethical brands to create content for their social media channels. They also want to have you in their events! You will be making a great impact in the community. They are looking for a minimum of 8 hours per week and 3 months of commitment.

To apply: Send an email to 
Title: Volunteer Application. Accountant / administrator 
Include your CV with relevant experience and a letter (1 page maximum) or a video (2 minutes maximum) explaining why you want to be part of the PAXY team and the skills you have. 

For more information about this job, please click the link below:


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