Interview: “Pepe” Gómez, the Uruguayan big wave surfer who rubs shoulders with surfing legends

Jan 23, 2020

The surfer “Pepe” Gomez slid this week what may be the biggest wave ever surfed by an Uruguayan. He did it in Nazaré, Portugal, where a submarine valley creates the necessary conditions to break a worldwide known wave that reach up to 35 meters high.

Pepe, a native from Dolores, 300 kilometers from Montevideo –far from the sea– now trains to become a rescue or jet ski rider, a job performed by those who support surfers who dare to lower waves of […]

The post about “Interview: “Pepe” Gómez, the Uruguayan big wave surfer who rubs shoulders with surfing legends” appeared first in Merco Press Post website.

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