Peruvian Agribusiness Consulting Opportunity

Nov 29, 2019

Calling all agribusiness experts!!!

A Peruvian agribusiness company is seeking an experienced #consulting team to:

  • Perform diagnostics on their current operations 
  • Undertake a gapanalysis 
  • Provide a forward #strategy to support them in achieving their vision of becoming a world-class food and agribusiness company. 

The consulting team is expected to:

  • Provide advice in all agribusiness phases including #sowing, #processing, and #marketing (#exporting), 
  • Implement and manage effective strategies, including the adaptation of appropriate #technologies for their various operations and processes.  

Project Deliverables:

  • AGENDA DE INNOVACION Y MEJORA identifying 10 key challenges/gaps.  
  • 5 specific improvement projects.

Budget: US$400K. 
(Proposals in excess will still be considered.)

Improvement projects not selected for this first stage will be developed by the company using their own funds.

Consulting team would need to be #fluent in #Spanish since the project will include working with operators in the farms.


15 December - applications close 

15 January – contract awarded

15 March – project delivered by consulting company

Please send expressions of interest to

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